september- spontaneity


As I write this, I have just committed to fly around the world to be in Japan for two days. The trip was offered as a gift, so I gratefully accepted and will be on my way shortly. Looking at my current state of spontaneity, I am present to how many patterns I have been breaking lately. Patterns of logic, comfort and habit are being replaced with new experiences and new perspectives. Unforeseen new colors are dancing on the horizon as my world is buzzing with creative energy. Spontaneity seems to be the theme of my life and art at the moment.

At first I felt short of breath and out of balance as I began to choose options outside my norm. Courage and Confidence took my hands and reminded me to breathe. With every breath, a new space opened up, making room for a new experience. I have been breathing deeply and fully lately and new paths have been forged. Dropping in on a local figure drawing class the other day reminded me of how fun it is to explore another medium and style of expression. I found myself laughing at my shaking hand and squinting eyes. As my perspective adjusted and I took a deep breath, I remembered how much I love to draw people. I wonder how this will affect my future paintings. I welcome the evolution and can feel the vulnerability necessary for change. This spontaneous class experience led me to appreciating the commissions I am currently working on. I have had the great pleasure of working on pieces for people who genuinely appreciate my creative process and are allowing me to be spontaneous and follow my intuition. In doing so, I am able to connect with them on a deeper level, to create an energetic portrait of them. I can feel their beauty waiting to be reflected in the painting. I can see an aspect of them that perhaps they have not seen in a conventional mirror. This process is enlightening for both of us and has connected me to my collectors in a very special way. And with that intimacy in each piece, I am led to appreciating the intimacy of my new home studio. By changing my environment, I have literally opened the door to spontaneous inspiration. Not only do I have two new large doors, I now have a beautiful commute (a short walk across my garden) to work. My practice of creating now includes the convenience of working whenever I feel like it (without driving across town), encouraging even more spontaneity.

Spontaneity, if it were a color it would be gold, rich and full of luster and reflection. Sparkling with excitement and a hint of mystery. The power to step outside the box, break a pattern, and create in the moment, is a gift. Wrapped in gold, hand delivered by Courage and Confidence, humbly accepted with a deep breath and a simple, trusting word… “Yes”.


Creatively, Britten



august- tuning in


Painting brings me the opportunity to adjust and realign in creation. Opening the door to possibilities beyond imagination, painting reminds me that even the smallest brushstroke can make a huge impact. The smallest shift in thought, perception or attitude can send ripples into reality. I have been meditating my entire life, whether I knew it or not. I think we all intuitively seek that space to pull our selves together, or sit in peace, or run until we can’t think anymore… Yet I learned to consciously meditate or sit with myself, on purpose, about 10 years ago. It was a practice and now it seems to be the state I live in. It slowly took over as the lines began to blur on my paintings. As with my art, there is no separation any more. My life is my art… and my meditation. I think the analogy of tuning in works well for meditation, creating, and just living in general, because when something is tuned, it sounds or runs smoothly without static or friction. I have found the same is true for me. Time and time again, I am reminded of just how important it is to tune in, align and adjust so life can flow seamlessly.

Every painting starts with clarity, even though I have no idea how it will turn out. The clarity is the blank canvas and pure potential. Without that pure beginning, the light would not shine through the layers of color and movement. That clarity is at every painting’s core and is essential, or even mandatory, for me. The same is true with life when the issues, friction, and obstacles surface. When all that stuff comes up, I am so grateful that I have a blank canvas underneath. I know it is there, underneath all the stuff, shining clearly. I’ve learned to consciously come back to the blank canvas through meditation and other practices, yet I think what has helped me the most is simply knowing myself and recognizing when I’m sliding out of tune. The signs are all there, resistance, suffering, sadness, I have many colors and layers on the surface… and they all look horrible without the light of clarity. It is amazing what pure light can do; with the slightest adjustment, everything can look so different. The eclipse affirmed that for me.

August was a month of coming back to myself, checking in with my intentions and clearing the space for new experiences…Tuning in. In addition, I remembered the greatest choice I have in life: to live from the clear light of my blank canvas, or get lost in the external layers of circumstances, emotions, drama and ego… So Humm… easy choice (and easy mantra).

*this palette is dedicated to Josephine, a master tuner


Creatively, Britten



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