pastel pink

Pastel Pink has been a color I have avoided in my paintings, with a few exceptions of course. I have found it hard to take pink seriously as a color. Its softness and innocence were easily overlooked in my primary color dominated palette. More…


emerald green

When I close my eyes, I often see an emerald green spot.It appears in the center of my inner vision and when I focus on it, it grows. Pulsing with light, it invites me to sync my breath and heart beat with it. More…



July is sparkling. Glittering with potential in every raindrop and ray of sun, July is alive. As I sit and watch my empty studio, swirls of energy remember where paintings once were created. All the paintings are now out the door and in route to their galleries. More…



Lavender. The word itself evokes a sense of soothingfor me. The color vibrates a gentile peaceful feeling. I have visions of rustic country hillsides… lavender plants basking in the golden sun, the scent tenderly lulling me into a dream like state. I can taste the serenity and bliss. More…



May is gray. Every time I try to escape it, it rolls up like a thick fog, neutralizing me to my core.Gray sky, gray light, gray mood, and gray energy abound. In surrender, I have found the beauty of non-committal gray. Like a lighthouse in the fog, the More…


hot pink

The color on April’s palette is hot pink.Hot pink is the wild side of pink. It’s the rebellious teenage attitude of pink. Retaining the sweet femininity of pink, hot pink is simply more intense as it is not as mellowed with the purity of white. What makes it hot? Possibly its intensity or its tendency toward passionate red. More…



I haven’t seen a fresh peach since last summer. I remember actually being tired of peaches by the end of summer. I suppose I overdosed on the succulent sundrenched delights at the farmers markets and now, of course, I miss them. I was asked to do a commission this month with softer colors, including peach. More…