Galerie Zuger in Vail celebrates spring with new paintings by Britten

Published On: October 13, 2017
Galerie Zuger in Vail celebrates spring with new paintings by Britten

VAIL — Today, Galerie Zuger in Vail Village will unveil a new body of work by local artist Britten titled “The Vibrancy of Spring!”

Britten said she has always felt spring was a time of natural creativity. Vibrant colors wait patiently to bloom, and the growing warmth of sunlight brings great inspiration. The anticipation of longer, lighter days on the horizon allows her to build layers with paint, overlapping brilliant colors and creating a light-infused richness that echoes the changing season.


This body of work has a feeling of great expansion and growth in the artist’s work. She is finding as the snow melts that she has released constrictions of the past and is welcoming a new growth, a new future and newfound freedom in her work.

Britten embraces spring as a season for shedding layers of protection needed for winter and courageously exposing a new intention, new growth and expansion. She likens it to a snow crocus seeking the light through the thawing earth: She feels a strong urge to grow beyond previous limitations.

This collection reflects the power of spring, and it is a release of creativity that has been growing beneath the surface for months, which, now with natural strength and beautiful vulnerability, is ready to be seen.


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March 16, 2017