As I sit in the middle of Cheesman park in Denver on this sunny February day, my entire body thanks me. I close my eyes and see a light, joyful and yellow washing over me. I’m bathing in sunlight.

I suppose the inspiration for every painting comes from experiences I have and today I am committing this warmth to memory for future use. More…


ocean blue

On the palette in January is ocean blue. I find a watery almost tropical blue in most of my paintings this month, which I seem to be pairing with a vibrant orange red. The pairing of these colors is a melding of opposites and a fresh outlook. More…



Black. Black. Black. Into the abyss of black… Is black even a color? Is it the absence of light or the saturation of all colors. I remember debating  this in art classes. As the end of the year approaches I feel the saturation of experiences and courage to explore this darkness. More…



There is a subtlety to earth tones… something refined yet raw and beautifully humble. A maternal essence resides in pigments of the earth, offering a dependable versatility. Sepia is the color that reaches its warm comforting arms to me, giving a timeless and unconditional hug from the palette this month. More…



The light of October is golden. A warmth radiates from my heart into everything I am present with. The month started with a shake or an internal storm. Actually the weather here has echoed my storm, bringing sun one day and snow the next, accompanied by strong winds of change. More…



For me, purple is the color of completion. At the end of the basic color spectrum, purple is also a bridge to a new beginning, as it contains red, or the first color of the basic spectrum. It reminds me of the saying, “when one door closes, another door opens”, or simply, the wheel of life. More…


apple green

The fresh crisp vibrancy of almost neon green keeps appearing on my palette this month. It doesn’t take much of this color to change a painting completely. The smallest dab is like plugging the painting into an electrical outlet. More…