The Commission

Intentional Art by Britten

The power of intention fuels these one of a kind collaborative creations. Rather than a traditional commission, Intentional Art by Britten is a co-creation. The process unfolds by answering questions that lead to clarity on what you want to create or see more of in your life. The painting serves as a mirror of your highest intention, a reminder of the new you and the frequency you are now attracting. It can be used as a meditative tool, visual prayer, energetic tuning device, healing message, or simply a beautiful statement of resolve.

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I had Britten create my piece because I was moving through a time in my life where I was trying to be someone I was not. The painting she created is a reflection of my highest self, my soul. It hangs in my office where each day it reminds me of my own special sparkle, creativity, and light.”