Some artists are hesitant to give away their secretes or technique.While I understand this, and have many secrets myself, I catch myself in this illusion. The illusion is that creativity is owned and a limited resource. I have found that even if I could teach my technique, it would never have the same end result. For the same reason, I can never recreate something I have already created. Creativity, by essence, is constantly changing and evolving and thus can never be authentically duplicated. Each moment holds a new possibility in the creative world; true creativity is never the same one moment to the next. It holds every potential FREELY UNLIMITED, ever-evolving, ever-creating itself. What emerges in a work of art is simply a result of allowing an intangible moment to be seen and experienced as a new moment every time it is seen again. The art is then seen thorough the filters of that moment, ie: present emotion, past conditioning, surrounding influences, and is still evolving… creating another experience. To take a spark, or an idea, or a feeling and infuse it with action, giving it momentum to multiply and manifest into something tangible is my biggest addiction. ‘Nothing into Something’ is a fascination I cannot get enough of. Recently I was asked what I would like to share as a message for humanity, which is a gem of a question- having many facets. At this moment, I see a deep, clear reflection in one of those facets… I see the root of my existence. That spark of creation that is ever-creating my life is all that I am. Simply put, I am unlimited potential waiting for an actualizing moment. I am life creating itself. When I look at the world with this perspective, I laugh. So my biggest secret, now exposed, is…I am creativity. I embody this energy. I allow it to freely flow- as me. I allow life to live me, and my art is just documentation along the way. The unlimited freedom I feel from this perspective is what I would like to share with everyone. It has opened the door to unlimited possibilities.

Creatively, Britten