Watching the clouds drift through the sky, dissolving and reshaping, like an unfinished painting
Reflections on the water moving as if they are the water, yet they are merely borrowing the surface
The scenery in front of me, shifting depending on my focus
Reality blowing through my hair with the wind
So many moving parts to create this moment, none of them secure.
My mind retreats like the setting sun, into the quiet stillness I know deep within myself.

The space where infinitely free air meets seemingly solid, contained earth: the horizon line.  The fine line where possibility meets reality, where spirit meets body, where paint meets canvas.  Somewhere within that line is a melding space with an energy like no other. The juxtaposition of elements creating a vibration, a friction, adversity.  The alchemy of fortitude… An integral strength and vitality, a golden thread connecting all living things. I can feel it coursing through my spine.  This is my security, my well of endurance, my fortitude.