ocean blue

On the palette in January is ocean blue. I find a watery almost tropical blue in most of my paintings this month, which I seem to be pairing with a vibrant orange red. The pairing of these colors is a melding of opposites and a fresh outlook. The hot orange red highlights the cool transparent blue, creating a dynamic interaction. As I try to stay warm this snowy January, I embody the fiery heat of the orange red, which encourages me to resonate with this tropical blue vacation even more.

This blue is pure emotion for me. Its watery feel drifts through me in waves; sometimes rolling gently and other times crashing with a strong presence. I find comfort in the rhythm when I listen quietly. With attention, I can also find the quiet place between the waves. I have learned to witness the drama of the crashing waves, and more importantly, to find the patience not to react until I can see a clear reflection in the quiet water.

The clear calm water offers purity and a natural gift. I see the gift as renewal. The idea that nothing is for certain sometimes causes frustration, yet it also promises change, and newness. There is a quality of renewal in our own clear reflection. We have the ability to start again and again each moment.

Time is like the ocean water constantly moving even in its stillest moments… And a reflection changes at many depths.

Emotion is my current, bringing me to different experiences and I am grateful for the ride… However, this month I am grateful for the awareness of how to navigate the currents and find the quiet clear water of renewal. For January, I see an ocean of vast potential. As I recognize my reflection, I also know my reflection is just an illusion… Infinitely changing and at the mercy of something much larger than my eyes can see. I am in awe of each drop that makes up this ocean blue.

ocean blue