june- the unexpected

In every painting there is an element of surprise. Never knowing what will arise, I naturally allow magic to emerge. Mixed media encourages accidents and rule breaking, which in turn, encourages flexibility and trust. At times, I wonder if a painting will turn out and then I stand back and release any expectation I may have had. Expectation is replaced by Acceptance in that moment of surrender. I remember to stop thinking and just be present. Inevitably, some unexpected detail or magic is revealed and the painting evolves from there. Allowing or being present to the unexpected is where I find a hidden smile that seems to lighten even the darkest or heaviest moments.

“Now life is living you” was written outside a temple I visited in Kyoto, Japan a few years ago. This quote reappears frequently in my conscious mind in times of uncertainty. It reminds me to be present and notice the magic all around me. Life is constantly radiating and pulsing with beauty; and that energy is “living me.” Possibilities orbit like electrons around every atom. This frenetic energy is alive with infinite choices and creativity as the essence of existence. So, in moments of uncertainty, worry, or questioning the next step, I have learned to be excited and inspired instead of anxious. Magic abounds in not knowing or taking a leap of faith. Some of my most beautiful paintings have been born out of the greatest “mistakes” or things I’ve tried on a whim. Those mistakes opened the door to an entirely new dimension of creativity. Those leaps in life have challenged me to grow and have led me down paths beyond imagination.

As I prepare for my July show in Beaver Creek, I am in awe of the last decade. I’ve been showing/selling my art in the Beaver Creek gallery for 10 years! I remember the moment we sold the first painting like it was yesterday. The uncertainty and anxiety I felt as my life started to take a new path… not knowing where it would lead… life living me… truly magical. I am infinitely grateful for the unexpected and to everyone who has collaborated with my creativity’s momentum or effervescence in the last 10 years. Thank you. Cheers to the Magical Life living us all!


Creatively, Britten