october- neutral tint

I find myself being comforted by a natural palette created by a tube of paint called Neutral Tint. Neutral tint is unique in that it is not black, brown, gray, or any other recognizable neutral hue. Strangely dark, yet transparent, Neutral Tint mixes well with just about any color, making the color darker and easing any harsh tones. On it’s own, it has a slightly purple tinge, which is why it neutralizes so many colors. Purple has both cool and warm tones, so mixed with other colors it becomes neutral.

I suppose I am seeking peace in a world of unpredictability. Perhaps a moment of neutrality, when there is no right or wrong, black or white, hot or cold, is on the horizon. I have been presented with choices lately that seem to be clearly opposites, one way or the other, and yet I have somehow found a different harmonious option. Answers that once were yes or no are not so automatic anymore… there is a “maybe” or “I don’t know” hidden in my pause. Opinions that once defined me are somehow lost in the neutrality of a vastly open mind. Even my daily routine has faded away as the weather is undefined between opposites, hot, cold, snow, sun. I find myself giggling when I can’t decide if I want flip flops or a down coat and opt for creative layers instead. It’s silly that such a superficial condition can reflect an internal state, and vice versa. I see it in my paintings as well. The layers become more and more neutral as I have no attachment to warm or cold… Colors become less defined, as this wave of neutrality is washing over me. Whatever is going on around me seems less important, less defined, as my reactions have no charge, positive or negative.

I know the bold colors will return with strong emotions and vibrations of change, yet in this moment I am grateful for the serene balance of Neutral Tint. I am grateful for the realization that I am capable of being totally neutral and that harmony is truly within as an alchemistic state of being. Harmony, to me, is when I see something through neutral eyes without attachment or definition and I am able to see a balance of opposites. All of this is possible with an open mind and a deeply innocent pause… what if it really is that easy to find peace?
Creatively, Britten