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Share your Britten painting with the world! Snap a photo or record a video, upload it, and tell us about your original Britten work of art. Where do you live? Where does it hang? What inspires you about it?

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Vanessa Basler
1 year ago

Sheer magnitude

Vanessa Basler
1 year ago

I wanted to share this picture to show the size of a 60×60 as well as the detail captured in this painting.

Vanessa Basler
1 year ago

The name of this piece is called Mystical. The definition of which describes Britten’s art perfectly. Inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.

1 year ago

Sabrina taking it all in…

Michael Roetzel
2 years ago

I guess an earlier piece of hers. Probably been possession of either my parents or me for 20 plus yrs. No idea if she gave it a name. Her art has evolved so much and is beautiful.. She is the wonderful mom of my niece and nephew. My love and I will have and cherish it always. Michael & Bernadette

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