Beyond the metallic layer and sparkles in my paintings, there is a layer of internal reflection. It often eludes me until I sit down to name the painting. The mirror patiently waits until I acknowledge it. Illuminating some aspect of myself I have not seen or simply forgot about, the painting offers wisdom. Then it goes on to reflect something else specific for each subsequent viewer. Perceived differently for each viewer, the reflection adjusts and offers something different. I am constantly amazed at what people see in each painting. The mirror does not discern. It simply offers an invitation to experience something, possibly recall a memory, feel an emotion, escape from logic, and perhaps transform a moment.

April has been a month of personal reflection for me. I have spent the majority of the month alone and in a very profound state of silence. Working in my garden and painting has filled my days with creative solitude. That solitude has encouraged a new level of self-reflection that has now offered to change me… for the better. I have seen patterns in my reactions. I have reflected on past suffering and been able to see my part in creating it. I have remembered joy in forgotten moments. I have found strength in listening to that little voice inside my heart. With Ah-Ha moments of deep understanding, I have seen a new me on the horizon. These moments are like sparkles in the mirror, creating a new reflection of myself.

Each painting is documentation of a transformation. A blank canvas becomes art. A thought becomes an action. A new vision becomes reality. Allowing the transformation is a choice, just as I plant a seed or pull a weed in my garden. I am aware of the ripple effect of a simple change. The painting is just the façade for something much more powerful…the opportunity to look beyond the known…take a moment…and perhaps…see a new reflection shining back.


Creatively, Britten