People always ask me where I get my inspiration. Truth is, I don’t actively think about inspiration or how to acquire it. I’m not sure it’s a tangible thing to actually get? I also get asked about how to over come a creative block or lack of inspiration…yes I know that feeling; it’s an excuse for me to be distracted by something else, which is not necessarily a bad thing because there is often magic in a distraction. Recently, I spoke to another artist who is currently creating art but working in another field and she wanted to know how I took the leap to become a full time artist. Artists always ask me how I make it work being a full time, professional artist, not starving… I wish I had a recipe to share. All I know is: not a day goes by that I am not grateful for what I do and the opportunities I have been given, yet I also know my life is just a creation like a painting. It will change and evolve like any great work of art. I have learned to flow with it and allow it to create me. I am inspired to live my life as Art… And my life has grown from there. Art is my core or center; therefore I am an artist. At this point, I would approach any job as an artist. I raised my children as an artist. I cook dinner as an artist. I even take out the trash as an artist. I don’t think about it; I just know it. It’s not really about the paintings… The paintings are the outward manifestation, or evidence, of an internal state of being. So inspiration is simply living.

Every creation starts with an intention or desire. It feels as if something is missing or possibly misplaced; I feel a void. I am compelled to enter the void even though I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. I can feel it pulling me. This void is like the space between an inhale and an exhale. It is still, yet full of potential. Everything lives in this void. There are no limits or boundaries there; everything is possible. This, to me, is the essence and beauty of Art. This is the center of my being. This is where I have trained my eyes to see from. This is where I have taught my hands to paint from. This is where I have made the jump to live from. In other words, this is my perspective, how I perceive reality. In turn, it is what I paint, my inspiration, and my life.

I would humbly tell any aspiring artist that he or she already is an artist and already is inspired. We all are inspired, in our own unique way. Living as Art is slightly different though… It is my choice. It does take a shift. It takes practice to find the authentic center and live from it, courage to explore the inexplicable void and it’s infinite possibilities, and devotion to know it is real. Reality is truly based on perception, in my experience. Beyond imagination… whatever path I take, I am inspired because I am Art.


Creatively, Britten