engaged in wonder 50×50

When I look at this piece I am reminded of looking at the stars.  Awe and wonder, mixed with an inexplicable sense of longing, envelope me. I am gently cradled in the arms of creation and somehow, my mind surrenders to the mysteries that are far beyond my comprehension. What might appear as uncertainty, insecurity, or simply unknown, is dissolved by the infinite rays of expanding, blooming and ever evolving light. I feel comfort in knowing every moment is changing and life is an evolution. The thought of a stars light taking light years for us to see astonishes me; this light traveling through time and space to appear at this moment, boggles my mind… With great humbleness, I am aware of the infinite majesty of the universe.  The concept of infinity is beyond rational thought; it does not adhere to our human timeline or tangible life experience, yet we have accepted its presence somewhere, somehow.  In order to grasp the concept of infinity we have to accept the unknown, the intangible, the beyond human. We have to imagine something bigger than ourselves, which opens this moment to a whole new perspective.

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