A contemporary collection in Vail

Published On: September 12, 2017
A contemporary collection in Vail

VAIL, Colorado – Vail’s newest art gallery is an eclectic collection.

Galerie Zuger Vail in the Solaris building is part of a family of galleries owned by Paul and Bonnie Zueger of Denver. They’ve been an important part of the art world for more than four decades.

Even if you haven’t been in Galerie Zuger Vail, you’ve probably been in some of their other galleries. The Zeuger family had Gateway Gallery back in the day. Locally they also own Masters Gallery in Vail and C. Anthony Gallery in Beaver Creek, along with galleries in Aspen, Breckenridge, Santa Fe, Dallas and Denver.

“The opportunity to open a gallery in Solaris became available and they grabbed it,” said Stacy Thibedeau with Galerie Zuger. “It’s a great location and a great opportunity.”

Britten to Baques

“The artists we represent are featured because of their unique freedom of expression,” Thibedeau said.

Galerie Zuger’s first show and grand opening is Dec. 28-29, and Britten is the featured artist.

“It’s not the cowboys and western landscapes that we tend to see so much of,” Thibedeau said.

Britten paints from emotion and experience, which works out well because they’re generally happy experiences.

She translates emotion into visuals through oil, resin, gold, silver and copper leaf.

Britten is originally from San Francisco, a colorful city where she learned to appreciate the arts at an early age. Her mother recognized and encouraged her talent when she was young, allowing her to draw and paint on the walls and sending her to Italy to study art in Florence.

“I like to think a painting is not complete until the viewer gives it meaning,” Britten said.

You’ll also find Anke Schofield, who attended the prestigious Savannah School of Art and Design.

Then there’s Gib Singleton, whose bronze sculptures are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Vatican Museum and the State of Israel, whose large collection of his art was a bequest of Prime Minister Golda Maier.

Singleton was selected by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to represent the United States to help restore Michelangelo’s Pieta, which was vandalized in the Vatican Museum. Gib was asked to assist in the restoration process.

His most famous and most viewed sculpture is the pastoral staff with bronze crucifix that Pope John Paul II passed onto Pope Benedict XVI. Another of his crosses rests next to the Shroud of Turin.

Galerie Zuger opened Nov. 19, a soft opening for Thanksgiving and they’re getting ready for the holidays.

It’s a 2,400 square feet space on the east end of the Solaris building in Vail Village. They have amazing views of Vail Mountain – something to see in those rare moments when you glance away from the art.

Randy Wyrick
December 7, 2010

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