Local Exhibits Clayton Lane: Britten

Published On: September 12, 2017
Local Exhibits Clayton Lane: Britten

Press Release

In celebration of Denver Arts Week and “Know Your Arts First Friday”, Clayton Lane Fine Arts will host a guest visit and recent works by Colorado-based mixed-media artist Britten Roetzel. Come “get to know” Britten who will be in attendance to share her artistic inspirations and processes with guests.

Britten has secured her own place in the contemporary art world. Her mixed-media paintings reveal a soulful and ethereal moment through a distinctively poetic visual language. Fearless in her exploration, Britten embraces universal elements of nature – capturing their essences and transmitting them onto canvas. Multiple layers of water based interference, oil and resin combined with metal leaf result in a luminous quality. Mysterious inner landscapes emerge, quietly beckoning the viewer to swim in their tranquility, transcending time and place.

Britten grew up in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California where she developed an appreciation for the arts as a child. Britten’s open-minded mother recognized and encouraged her talent (allowing her to draw and paint on the walls) and sent her to study art in Florence, Italy. With a degree in fine art, traditional European training, and experience as a graphic artist, Britten has gravitated to abstract painting. Her passion for color interplay mirrors her aesthetic sensitivity. Every painting is an invitation to unearth new possibilities.

“I prefer not to have expectations of my paintings, yet somehow my paintings have expectations of me.to set them free by giving them form..How the form is interpreted is up to the viewer.” – Britten

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