april- showers

This month has been a downpour of experiences. Extreme wind (uprooting a tree in my yard), snow flurries, rain, and 80 degree sunshine have all swept through. I am saturated with inspiration singing from blossoms, seeds sprouting, meeting interesting people and sleep deprivation from adopting a new puppy. Unpredicted changes, failures, triumphs, emotions running amuck and thoughts so far out of the box I question my sanity… and yet as I witness it all, I can only smile. Life is asking me to dance.

There are times when I paint that I am so far inside the vortex of creativity that whatever is happening outside that moment is just a dull hum and a blur. I am so centered in a funnel of inspiration that a tornado could be swirling around me and not shake me. I am the eye of the storm. So as life showers me with change and upheaval, I am reminded of my unique center of stability and how much I actually love to dance.

I can’t think of anything more exciting to me than an opportunity for growth. Yes, scary too, because I know growing pains all to well, and still the idea of creating more, growing, seduces me. On a personal level and beyond, the challenge is worth accepting. To become a better person, to create better art, better relationships, better goals, better dreams, etc… The scariest part is taking the first step toward change, leaving the comfort zone behind, or accepting the invitation to dance. After that, surrendering to the momentum, a new dynamic, a new experience, is relatively easy if I am committed.

The saying of when it rains it pours, rings true for me this month. It seems life sprinkles hints and messages; if I don’t notice, it will eventually send a lightning bolt and a torrential downpour. This will stop me in my tracks and force me to do something differently, change my perspective, take action, and dance with Life. Perhaps the conditions are not preferable, or so I think. Perhaps I have been avoiding something or waiting for a better time… It may seem like I’m being asked to dance in a hurricane of unfamiliarity, and then I remember my center and that vortex of creativity I know so well. I am the eye of the hurricane. I have amazing balance and grace at my center, not to mention, infinite creativity. So… Yes, let’s dance. Let’s see where this takes us and what we will create together. I accept with wide eyes and an open heart. I love you Life.


Creatively, Britten


april- showers