march- today

Today I write about this moment, now. I realize the importance of each moment in creation. As each moment builds the potential for the next layer of paint, it is so important to be present to what is now. How is the paint drying? What kind of foundation have I built? Where is my attention? What is my intention? are a few questions I may ask myself before I proceed. I often look ahead to create something in the future, while forgetting to assess and integrate what I have done so far. The reverence I have for the past, the gratitude I have for the previous layers of experience, and the acknowledgement of this new present moment are important materials to create the future. This assessment, or internal inventory, allows me to move forward with an inspired focus.

Today I am watching myself take a break from physically creating. I feel as if I am detached and looking at myself with curiosity. I can see myself objectively from here, as though I am looking at a painting, taking it all in. In this moment, I am present to my stillness. I can feel the past moments settling, like drying paint. I can feel my emotions calming, like the ocean after a storm. I can feel my thoughts dropping like rain and an opening in the sky is appearing. My body is resting, basking in a warm light. I’ve been waiting for this clarity.

From infinite choices and potential, I am now focused and discerning. I may not be able to see exactly what the next layer of paint or the next phase of my life looks like yet, however, I can intuitively feel it. So I focus on this feeling or inspiration, and I feed it with my imagination. It feels familiar, as if it is already created and virtually a part of my reality. I simply allow myself to become it, merge with this feeling… and tomorrow in my studio, I will allow it to be seen.


Creatively, Britten