july- gratitude

The word gratitude seems to be a celebrity lately. Glowing with new age recognition and hands in prayer position, gratitude is cool. I even wear it proudly on my t-shirt. Yet, beyond the surface, this beautiful word swims in the depths of infinite consciousness. Gratitude has a power beyond this world. In my experience, it has only revealed a fraction of its capacity. Gratitude seems to seek a mirror in its recipient, only reflecting what that person is willing to see… only what we can handle. Anyone who has been overwhelmed by it knows, the burning tears streaming down your face, your throat threatening to close and almost unbearable heat rising from your heart, it feels as if you might just die right then and there. Not knowing whether to smile or sob, the emotion is a hot mess, and leaves its victim completely undone- vulnerable and in utter foolish bliss. This is merely one facet of this miraculous gem called gratitude.

It is with this great attitude that I say thank you to those of you who take the time to read this blog, appreciate what I do, and took the time to write to me. I have had a hard time deciding who should get the free painting, so I decided to give 2 away.

Patty Crow- Curious is yours. May it honor the memory of your father and your artistic writing.
Karen Hancock- Mercury is yours. May it continue to inspire your personal creativity and life journey.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, heartfelt stories!
I bow to you, hands on my heart, as I recognize the light we share and the infinite sparkles generosity creates.



Creatively, Britten