june- motivation

As this month comes to a close, I can see my motivation shifting. June started slowly with a sleepy, relaxed calling to paint. My motivation was in first gear and has been slowly revving up as the days grow longer. I have found through the years that my motivation level is directly proportionate to my reflection level. Meaning that when my work is not seen, I have no reflection and therefore my purpose seems to dwindle and motivation trickles. On the other side, when my work is seen and experienced, I feel the connection and I light up. I am fed by another’s reflection in my work, whether it is positive or negative feedback does not matter… as long as there is a reaction. I make art for myself and that process sustains me, keeps me relatively sane, yet the reflection I see in another gives it a greater purpose, and motivates me to create more. The shared experience is what lives on past the moment of creation that I so cherish. It is the viewer who gives the painting meaning and importance, and ultimately, hopefully, years of reflection and love.

After a slow winter and off-season in the mountains, I have played with new subjects, new ideas, and new focuses. Different places, people, emotions and experiences have been dancing in my consciousness, creating a plethora of new creative expressions. This summer, I have decided to play with one more. I would like to feed my motivation and thank someone for taking the time to experience my art. I am going to give one of my paintings to someone who finds a meaningful reflection in it. It can be any painting that is not sold yet, any size, from “available” work on my website or one of the galleries websites. Better yet, if you are near one of the galleries, go see it in person! You will need to be able to transport the painting or pay for crating and shipping, if you are selected. Please email me by August 1st… tell me a story… share your connection with that piece… and perhaps… the painting will be yours. The gift awaits!

There is no limit on the value or price, so find your limitless reflection, freely, in whichever piece speaks to you. However, if the piece sells between now and then, I will have to select another submission. Every piece eventually finds its rightful owner…


Creatively, Britten