august- green light go!

Fast and full of lush growth and abundant possibility… is my summary of August. The month has been a cornucopia of bountiful experiences. As I sit on the plane in Medellin Columbia going to Cartagena, I am feeling as round and full as the Botero sculptures that adorn the artists hometown of Medellin. The fullness not only comes from the delicious food and drink; it is the result of a rich culture topped with a zest for life in the present moment. “We live as if tomorrow may not come. This night may be the last” is what a new dear friend explained to me in a crazy carnival of a night club a few days ago. Columbia’s volatile history has supported this philosophy and the vitality that has resulted is admirable.

As we drove through the Andes mountains yesterday, winding at high speed through small towns with trucks full of livestock, buses that are wider than the road and feisty motorcyclists, we witnessed what looked like a fatal accident as a motorcyclist was hit by a colorful bus right in front of us. He astonished us all by actually walking away relatively unscathed. I saw life blink and reset in that instant… a new broader focus was apparent. I took notice of the lush green hills, flowing river, and the energy of life in that moment. The people who rushed to the motorcyclists aid without a thought beamed with life as they supported his commitment to living in that moment. The motorcyclist was welcomed back like an encore as he placed his feet confidently on the ground and started to walk. Traffic quickly resumed its’ fast pulse. Amazing.
Green is the main color outside the airplane window with arteries and veins of water. The pace is fast yet deliberate in Columbia. There is a solid commitment to the fullness and abundance of life, whatever that brings, in this moment. It is a gift to experience this lush culture, as I polish another facet on this gem of life as I know it. I now associate green with abundance, living from the heart at full speed, vitality, and appreciation for this life that gives encore performances. The color green has revealed a new depth and a voluptuous reflection as it greets life with “Buenas”…
Creatively, Britten