July has been a mixed palette of experiences and emotions. Fireworks of inspiration have created unique combinations of ideas and art this month. In retrospect, I can see the splashes of color as new possibilities finally settling into reality or onto my canvas of life.

At times, I feel explosive with the energy of creativity, almost as if I can’t contain myself. It seeps out any crack it can find. If it’s not channeled into my art, it can result in oversensitivity or anxiety. This creative energy is double sided. On one side it can create… beautiful works of art. Conversely, it can also destroy…anything in its way. I have learned to be aware of this energy and recognize frustration as creativity that is not flowing freely or is blocked. I know when I want to pick a fight with someone I love, it’s time to go to the studio. My studio is my sanctuary. It is an open field where I am free to run infinitely until I collapse. Creative energy can flow through me without inhibition, taking what ever form I guide it into. It can take any shape, color, texture, expression- it is creation in its essence- so knowing what form to give it is the only real “talent” I have. Talent is the gift of knowing myself and how this energy runs through my life… Talent is using it for beauty and inspiration rather than letting it run amuck. I’m still working on this and it is something I am vigilantly aware of lately.
Colors have splashed and mingled this month in a creative tornado. All I can do is allow it to happen. For whatever reason, the colors are flying on the inside as well as outside. I am alive with a full spectrum of expression and my paintings are explosive lately. I am excited to see where all the colors land. A new reality is in the works.
Creatively, Britten