Drama is an important part of any composition.Drama is the play of light and shadow, the juxtaposition of colors, the interruption of expected flow. Often it’s the punch of color, the break of a line or pattern, the intrusive shadow, or the bubble of light drifting away… Drama is the interest. It’s what seduces our eyes to keep looking at the art. Promising entertainment, excitement, and the unexpected; drama is the ultimate siren, beckoning us to join the experience. With art, my eyes are drawn to drama, yet in everyday life, my eyes seem to roll to the back of my head when I hear the stories, complaints, issues, gossip, and general nonsense or what is affectionately called Drama in our house. December seems to roll out the red carpet for drama on a daily basis. Drama comes dressed in beautiful holiday glamor and we embrace her, then secretly talk behind her back. Yet, I think she visits for a reason. After years of resistance to dramas holiday visits, I now accept her for exactly what she is, a blessing

Let’s build the climax or focal point of the painting with the end of a year. Add the contrast of family and collisions of different lives. Interrupt the patterns and expected flow with stress and expectations. Perhaps we can build texture with celebrations and obligations. Then add the finishing touch of light that brings us all back to center, to remember who we really are. Our eyes float with the light, allowing us to rise above all the drama. We walk away with a beautiful experience. Perhaps we see the bigger picture, or intuitively know the pieces work together and that this life is an incredible work of art. Would the painting be as interesting or captivating without drama? Would we feel as connected or important if we were not a part of it? Would we feel as alive or motivated to change or evolve without drama? Would we be as grateful to return to our inner peace? I wonder…

Drama, while I would not intentionally invite her into my home, I know she lives in us all. She is the shallow reflection in the mirror that we are not happy with…the blemish, the big wrinkle, the bloodshot eye… she cries for attention. She feels inadequate and just wants to be seen. She, like us all, just wants to belong to the bigger picture. She stirs up fights, complications, sadness, over indulgence and even regret. She can do serious damage when she wants, yet she also brings growth, evolution, participation, and intrigue when she is put into perspective. She is the seductress of humanity because she shows us the parts of ourselves we may not want to see. She has brought me countless self-realizations, depth and humility when I have the courage to really look at her as my own reflection. She is a layer in the painting, an integral part of the process. Yes Drama, I see you.


Creatively, Britten