november-path of light

In every painting I create, I can see a path of light.It tells a story as it glides through the canvas. I see it in other peoples art as well; I have just become more acquainted with it in my own. I paint it without thinking and I am honestly not sure how I know where to put it, I simply feel it. My eyes follow the light as if it were a guide or a map though the uncharted territory of a new reality. I am grateful for this natural path that appears when I am not expecting it. Once again, this journey is not only on my canvas, it carries into my life.

In my most uncertain moments…when I am questioning myself on the deepest levels, I have learned to check my internal navigation system. There is an inner voice, a path, or guide that eventually appears and I follow it. I have tried to ignore or rebel against it, yet inevitably, I come back to it. I suppose it’s like taking a detour; It may take longer, but eventually I still reach the destination. So what is this path? I wonder myself if it is destiny, or intuition, or subconscious wisdom. I know that if I follow it, I struggle less. I know that if I follow it, life seems a bit more magical. I know that if I follow it, others may not agree or understand, and somehow that doesn’t matter. There is a peaceful confidence that is illuminated on this path. It feels as if I am glowing and lighting up everything in my life. The questions dissolve. The uncertainty is replaced with playfully innocent wonder, and wonder is so much more beautiful than uncertainty.

I see we all have unique paths of light within us, just as every painting does. Turns, interruptions, detours and bumps are part of the composition. Amazingly, the eye still follows to the next place there is light. We instinctively know to connect the dots and continue the journey. Perhaps the path never disappears, it simply can’t always be seen from that angle or perception. As light plays with the layers in my paintings, I play with a path of light as my life.


Creatively, Britten