Enthusiasm comes in all hues. Like paint, enthusiasm has the potential to change a blank canvas into something beautiful. Other words I associate with enthusiasm are passion, commitment, and courage. I have noticed myself meeting the canvas of life lately with all of these paints.

It is amazing to me what a layer of enthusiasm can do. It must be authentic and not forced; it must be natural. When enthusiasm comes from the well of inner passion and is met with a confident commitment to courageously share it… It coats any situation with intrigue and interest. It can contagiously spread into joy and motivation when it is appreciated.

Lately, I am keenly aware of how I meet a moment. I can choose my reaction as I choose paint on a palette. A safe neutral color verses a bright daring color. A subtle sublime color, verses a loud awakening color. Or simply a new color I have never mixed before… choices. Greet a moment with caution or with confidence, with knowing or curiosity, with indifference or enthusiasm. All have their place on my palette, and all have their purpose in life. I must thank indifference for my current state of enthusiasm. My choice to proceed with mixing new colors is a direct result of feeling comfortable with the past, or the other tried and true colors on my palette. At this point in my life, I am comfortable, I might even say indifferent, with myself. I don’t question my inner self, nor do I question the colors I reach for, even when my choice may be outrageous. I trust that when I follow my natural, authentic self it brings me to beautiful experiences. Could it be a mistake? Quite possibly, yet that depends on the interpretation of mistake. Enthusiasm can make even a “mistake” smile.

My natural choice lately is new and exciting… Enthusiasm. I share that with anyone willing to enjoy it. It oozes from my paintbrush, as it oozes from my heart with passion, commitment and courage.


Creatively, Britten