September was a month of dynamic motion.(So much so that this palette is posted late.) When I look at my paintings I see movement and evolution. Lately, I see light speed. The frequency has increased to be something I, personally, needed to catch up to.

When I work, a painting flows through me. I can allow it to be effortless and surrender to its presence or I can try and control it or manipulate it to be something I prefer or think will sell. It’s a test of the highest measure. Authenticity and integrity are the keys not only in painting, but in my life as well. The painting and life have a purpose…Perhaps a message and a meaning that I cannot always immediately understand. Yet, when I allow them both to unfold naturally, they are beautiful.

Life has shown me and guided me into a faster pace lately. I can’t keep up with my thoughts or ideas. Like popcorn in high heat, they just keep popping and I am watching them fly. In addition, I have been offered so many opportunities that I have been wanting for ages. Awesome possibilities have appeared all at once, or so it seems. It has occurred to me that it’s not actually all at once, though. It’s only all at once when I feel overwhelmed. When I speed up to match this new frequency of abundance and creativity, it’s all synced in natural time, which is beyond my rational thought. I can give my mind a rest, stop thinking, and move with full presence into this new pace. I trust that I can be a vessel for life to move through, just as I am for my paintings to manifest.

When I paint, the painting leads. I learned long ago to match the frequency of what is being created. The fight is not worth it, my mind knows it will not win in the studio. So, now in life, I also step beyond what my mind says is humanly possible. I step into light speed for a new adventure. Let the popcorn and colors fly where they may…


Creatively, Britten