december- manifestation

Since it’s December, there seems to be a lot of talk about desired manifestations for the New Year. Michelangelo once said the sculpture is already in the piece of marble, it just needs to be revealed… I see life that way as well. So, the question is, what do I want to reveal? To be honest, I don’t know where a want or desire comes from, if it is already there like a hint pointing to a possibility or if it is truly just a random spark of creation. I suppose that question is held in the beautiful mystery of creation, the chicken or the egg again. However, I do know from experience that I can “reveal” just about anything with a clear desire. Desire when clear and aligned with my true self, becomes an intention. Intention when felt completely becomes an experience. Experience when actualized is reality… and I suppose that is the manifestation of a desire.

I paint with the desire to create something beautiful. I intend to make something someone will appreciate and see a personal reflection in. I can feel what it will feel like to experience the finished painting and then I paint, without thinking about anything except how much I love what I am doing. Then magic… The painting is now part of reality… revealed for anyone to see.

I’ve tested this creative process in creating my life, countless times. Most of the time, when I actually step into the experience of what something I desire might feel like, it’s easy to imagine. My imagination is so strong that I could say, on some level, the experience is already real. Funny enough, the desire itself is often emotionally fulfilled before reality catches up. For me, if I can feel what something might feel like, see what something might look like, smell what something might smell like, hear what something might sound like, basically imagine the experience of it being a reality, then chances are… it already is. I simply have to reveal it. Knowing this, manifestation is easy. I take the actions toward it often without consciously thinking about it because at that point it’s familiar, already a part of me, and like attracts like (law of nature). So, of course, reality reflects this new creation.

The Magic is in imagination and creating the experience on a virtual level, or in my minds eye and then allowing it to show up in reality however it does. It may not be exactly as I envisioned but somehow the desire is fulfilled during the creative process. Again life reminds me that the creative process is the magical part; the end result, or manifestation, is just affirmation that it is all real…simply waiting to be revealed.


Creatively, Britten