november- possibility

Possibility is one of my favorite words. It implies just enough potential for something to exist. Leaving the door open for creation, while at the same time implying that we don’t know anything for sure. There is something so exciting about surrendering to the unknown. Unfortunately, my mind often tells me otherwise, because it doesn’t always like to forge a new path through uncharted lands…yet my foolish heart leaps at the opportunity.

The only obstacle I encounter on the infinite road of possibility is fear. Anxiety and worry are like muddy colors on my palette. The pure colors gleam with possibility and infinite choices, while the muddy colors are limited, at best, to a life in the shadows or being scraped. Muddy colors are created by over mixing too many colors or trying to correct a color with the wrong color; mud is a slippery slope that never turns out well, much like over thinking a situation. So, I have learned to keep my colors pure and my thoughts more like brushes- I choose the ones that feel the best. I feel the energy of possibility as an expansive brush stroke sweeping off the canvas and whatever unfolds from there will hold even more possibilities. An open cycle of freedom circulates infinitely when I’m in the flow of possibility.

I’ve made the connection between possibility and wellbeing lately. Not only is possibility a necessary ingredient in the creative process, it is a necessary ingredient for living well. Stepping beyond the predictable or expected may challenge the mind and ego yet it fuels the heart. The heart pumps new life potential with every beat. Its job is to create another moment to exist, a possibility. So by embodying the energy of possibility, considering the seemingly impossible, and challenging the predictable, we may actually be resetting what our bodies know as possible on a cellular level. We are opening the door to miracles being simply a new choice. Far beyond belief, possibility is infinite, like creativity, and therefore has no rules except the ones our minds choose. So I choose for my mind to spread the news that my heart already knows… Anything is possible.

* this palette is dedicated to my mom


Creatively, Britten