october- the gift

Often times, I hear of creativity being referred to as a gift. I love gifts and I am aware that I have a gift. In fact, I am very grateful for the gift, however, I dare say creativity is not the gift. Creativity is us. Creativity is the energy of creation, which is every moment, everywhere, always, as existence itself, if I really think about it. So if a gift by definition is something we receive or give, I’m not sure we can receive or give what already is omnipresent. It would be like giving a painting another painting…(doesn’t make sense) Yet, giving a painting an audience or a viewer… it suddenly exists, has potential meaning, has created an experience. The gift… is simply recognition. The gift is being able to recognize creativity and open the channel to receive it. My gift to give is expressing creativity in a way that is unique to me. I sincerely believe we all have our unique gifts, and they are unwrapped when we are ready to see ourselves as unique expressions of this creative energy, Source, Higher Consciousness, God, Divinity, Something Bigger, the Universe, Unity, Love, or Whatever is really creating life.

I’m coming out of the closet with my gift, with the intention that perhaps it will inspire anyone who is still wondering what the gift is, to simply open it. I’m banking on the law of resonance. That like attracts like. So maybe some hidden gift will float to the surface and be opened, seen and appreciated. They are there; I have no doubt. I’m not sure why we hide our gifts though. I have hidden behind my paintings for years, never fully owning that I am them, until recently. The energy comes through me and they are created. I am a unique channel, just as everyone is, and without that channel it could not be expressed in that particular way. Somewhere along the way I unwrapped the channel. Or I allowed the channel to flow. Most importantly, I maintain the channel. I clean and polish the channel. I love and appreciate the channel. I am devoted to this channel as myself, as my purpose. I am a unique expression of the bigger picture; we all are. And I paint that because I am that.

So, one step more… once the channel is unwrapped and the connection is made, then what to do with it? The nature of a gift is to keep giving and receiving. The channel flows both ways so the energy can’t be stagnant or the channel is blocked, so what if the gift is expressed with EVERY action? What if everything we do or don’t do is like paint on canvas creating a picture of our life? And then we generously donate this creation to everyone around us. Then this creation is proudly displayed in the museum called reality for ALL to see, as a collective experience, as the world we live in. This is a huge responsibility for the world I am creating. All the sudden, I think I know why I might want to hide my gift… Or, maybe I don’t hide. Perhaps it motivates me not to take life for granted, to value this gift, to express and give this gift with the best intentions… and add a little light to the collective experience.

In that light, I look around at all the other unique expressions looking back at me, and I realize with a deep sigh, that yes, it’s all the same energy, all the same source, in a beautiful display of the ultimate Creativity.


Creatively, Britten