emerald green

When I close my eyes, I often see an emerald green spot.It appears in the center of my inner vision and when I focus on it, it grows. Pulsing with light, it invites me to sync my breath and heart beat with it. In doing so, I am deep into what some call a meditative state and what I would call my real self. I am whole and completely in sync with something much larger than I can intellectually grasp. This experience is true wisdom; the kind of wisdom that needs no explanation because there is no question surrounding it. It is all that is.

When I paint I am naturally in sync with my true self. I am a vessel for pure creativity to fill. I am open to whatever movement takes over my body. I surrender to the unknown mystery of creation. It starts with a spot of color… today emerald green. The spot grows into a brushstroke, then another and another. What results is an expression of creativity, or creativity in manifestation. The energy of creativity takes a shape and color and something is visible from nothing. When I stop and think about this moment, there is wisdom offered. This moment is no different from any moment in life.

The opportunity to create is ever-present, yet invisible or intangible like creativity always is at first. So what is it that makes it visible or tangible? What makes things happen and take form? It may start with a desire, such as, “I want” or “I wish…” Then the intention to create whatever it is, such as, “I will do that” or “I am going to…” Unfortunately, that moment of manifestation is sometimes illusive and dreams sometimes stay dreams and never reach reality. So what is the missing ingredient? When I paint, the most important moment is when I TRUST. Trust allows me to take action, knowing I am in sync with my true myself. I trust that whatever manifests from this moment is what I have set out to create. It may take many forms along the way and ride many waves of emotion, yet I have learned not to have an expectation, just to trust the process. What results is a work of art. The same is true in my life. I have set many intentions through the years, new years resolutions, etc. The intentions I completely trust, the ones I know will be, yet have no idea of how that process will look, are the ones that never fail. I always ask myself what I am really craving, or what is behind my desire. Like going through a maze, when I get to the core of a desire, it is as clear as the green light. It is usually a feeling, something I can experience at that moment, like love, or success, or completion. From that feeling I trust that however my life aligns or however a painting takes form is part of the mystery of creation. My job from there is to simply allow it to happen. As I sync my breath and heart beat with the pulsing green light, as I sync my brushstrokes with the pulse of a painting, or as I sync my life with the pulse of a feeling or desire; its all the same process. It is all connected to the same energy of creation, which in essence is life itself.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.

– Albert Einstein 2015!

emerald green