July is sparkling. Glittering with potential in every raindrop and ray of sun, July is alive. As I sit and watch my empty studio, swirls of energy remember where paintings once were created. All the paintings are now out the door and in route to their galleries. The studio is quiet as pieces of gold leaf float with the breeze from the open windows, doors and fans. Glimmering, these pieces tease me to start another round of work… Yet I sit. I sigh, as I know I can take a break now. I can surrender to being tired. I can accept the spaces in between the sparkles, knowing all it takes is to grab the next one that sparks my interest.

The time in between creation is precious. As the moment in between breaths is when life is integrated. This time is when I settle and remove myself from creating. I listen to what was and what will be. I see shadows and light play. I taste fulfillment and curiosity at the same time. I feel the soft air of rest and know the light of the moon will awaken me to new ideas. My heart is rhythmic and my fingers pulse. My mind drifts into nothing…

I am floating between sparkles.

Each sparkle holds a grain of potential. They are all around, all the time. I take notice. I see each one waiting to be noticed. Sometimes they bombard me. Sometimes they tease me. Sometimes they rest with me. Yet they never leave me. I suppose they are me in some esoteric theory; I really don’t know. I do know that they exist. I do know that once I acknowledge even one of them, I am creating with them. They wait for my attention. Then like a shooting star, we are in motion. My attention or my willingness is all that is needed. The focus comes naturally as the process is motion. My eyes adjust, my body moves and paints fly. They are tiny vortexes with big endings. On the other side is a painting, or a collection of paintings depending how long I stay within them. Eventually I am spit out to rest. The dark sky in between stars is necessary. The contrast and distance is necessary to see the brilliant light sparkle. The cool night air embraces me, as I go home, to rest.