Lavender. The word itself evokes a sense of soothingfor me. The color vibrates a gentile peaceful feeling. I have visions of rustic country hillsides… lavender plants basking in the golden sun, the scent tenderly lulling me into a dream like state. I can taste the serenity and bliss.

June is my biggest production month. My creative channels are wide open as I prepare for summer exhibitions. With five shows scheduled this season, my studio is in full bloom as I finish what will be released for sale. Canvases are everywhere, like walking on a trail with lavender flowers, I am cautious of how I walk in the studio now. The studio is alive with presence. The paintings are my audience. Each painting is beaming its own strength and individuality as it dries on the wall. I am being watched by my own work as I add another to the crowd. I am never alone in the studio.

While my mind tells me I should be working hard, I have so much to do, miles to go before I sleep, etc… my heart and spirit override the chatter and I am lulled into a familiar dreamlike state. I look around and am overtaken by emotion. The power of creativity, the pure ability to make something from nothing, pulses in my hands. I am aware of the gift. From a dreamlike state, serene yet crystal clear, I can feel what I have created. An odd sense of responsibility taps me on the shoulder and asks me what am I adding to life? What am I releasing into the world? I check myself. Clear. This is not a personal statement I am making with my art. This is not my voice yearning to be heard. This is something else. This is simply bliss. This dreamlike state is bliss creating itself. Beauty is the creation of bliss. Beauty is the flower to be seen, while bliss is the energy that makes it grow. I am just the farmer tending the crops and today I am blissfully napping in the field…lavender lulling me even deeper into serenity.