May is gray. Every time I try to escape it, it rolls up like a thick fog, neutralizing me to my core.Gray sky, gray light, gray mood, and gray energy abound. In surrender, I have found the beauty of non-committal gray. Like a lighthouse in the fog, the mystique of gray is revealed when I illuminate the color from the inside out.Gray is medium, neither black nor white. Each shade of gray has an emotional tone, yet gray in general is ambiguous. Subtle and introspective, gray has a neutral energy. When isolated it feels safe and non-threatening, when mixed with primaries it takes on their personalities with grace and understated wisdom. Since I don’t know too many children who say gray is their favorite color, I will assume gray is an acquired taste that develops with maturity. Somewhat congruent with gray hair being construed as a sign of distinguished wisdom, the color has a stereotype. It is sophisticated and confidently undecided. Gray rarely demands attention, instead it waits patiently in its nonchalant neutral serenity if you care to notice. I am noticing and recognizing gray this month for its devotion to service. I nominate gray as best supporting color. Always in the shadows, gray is rarely appreciated. I now see the importance of neutrality. Gray enables other colors to shine, just as the pause between breaths enable a deeper experience.

When I embody this unbiased gray energy, I am reminded that all energy is inherently neutral until we place meaning or attach emotion to it. I can see the reflections of colors or experiences waiting to tint my neutral medium as life evolves into its masterpiece. For me, my life experience is interpreted by the colors, and the wisdom to take notice of them lies within the medium.