The colors are dark and transparent…perfect for layering. Indigo blue, the cool shadow of depth and lingering emotion. Ultramarine blue, the purity of the vast expansive ocean. Azure blue, reminding me of the highlights and reflection of the sky. Finally with the addition of green gold, for the warmth of sun-drenched growth. The theme of this palette is hidden somewhere within the layers…

I see February as a building month. For me, this month is about recognizing intention and acting upon it; building a foundation for what I want to achieve this year and doing it with swift, aligned grace. True Blues remind me of the bigger picture, like the sky and ocean, they create a spectrum of vast possibility. These elements hold a tranquil security… the minor dramas will pass… like a cloud or wave, leaving crystal clean clarity. In the darkest part of the blue spectrum is indigo. This pigment was originally created for painting shadows. Following my authentic self creates what I can relate to as indigo, or a shadow. Every light has a shadow, unless it is perfectly aligned. So a shadow is just a reminder of where I am. I choose to follow a path of light or a path guided by intuition and trust.

I am reminded of a sundial when I think of this concept. It tells the time based on where the shadow falls; and when the sun is directly overhead or aligned there is no shadow. Perhaps like a sundial, a shadow can show misalignment within myself. By examining the darker or less desirable aspects of myself (my shadow), I am able to see what needs to be adjusted or realigned. I can see where I stand in relation to my true center. With this depth of awareness and a twinge of emotion, I am able to move to the center, where my vision is clear in all directions. From the center, or my true authentic self, I can build the first layer, the foundation. This foundation is true blue- or built with crystal clean clarity. Here, I can expand my life. With my feet planted into the warm green gold earth, I have the presence to create and build. In this unity of blues and green gold, is teal, a color of rare beauty.