The theme behind my March palette is floral. While painting for my botanical show in Beaver Creek I unearthed some interesting roots and watched as petals began to unfold.The month started with a little constriction. I was feeling pressed for time and my motivation was covered under the weight of heavy winter. Winters in the mountains eventually exhaust me. Combined with some emotional stirring, I was a seed begging to burst. Feeling the confinement of my own skin, wanting to blame it on anything or anyone around, I eventually cracked. Humorous in hindsight, because the external pressure I was feeling: finances, children, relationships, commitments, etc, were a direct result of this internal combustion brewing, but it was easy to forget this when life seemed to be dumping heavy wet snow on my head and weighing me down with responsibility. Perhaps the pressure was needed to push through the self-limit I had unconsciously set.

The colors on my palette started dark this month. Sepia, an earthy shadow color, was tinting my glazes. Almost like emerging from hibernation, I was cautious with the light… somewhat conservative. I named the first piece “Unraveling” because I felt as though I had a mess to untangle. I had some deep “seeded” issues intertwined with my ambition to blossom or freely express myself. So, like weeds in my garden I carefully pulled them by the roots. I clarified my intention for authentic beauty, my actions naturally prioritized, leaving behind what was no longer beneficial to my growth. By clearing the space, or removing worry, doubt, frustration, and projections (all weeds), I allowed myself the room to grow. It is amazing how quickly vitality can take root. Water it with a little trust in the mystery of life, and abundant buds begin to appear.

I changed palettes a third of the way through March… The predominant color subtly mixed into just about all the others? Lemon Yellow: A very strong bright clean yellow. This color is pure underestimated vitality, holding the potential for radiant vibrancy. Sometimes I forget my own vitality, or I take it for granted. When I take care of myself and tend to my garden, there is no stopping the growth of a clear intention. The smallest idea blossoms in an instant. They key is keeping the intention clear and alive. Like the petals on a flower, the intention must be translucent in the light, growing from the center, and fed by vitality.

Bouquets of inspiration this month, from a seed to full bloom.