July has been hot. Hot in varying degrees. Hot in varying experiences. Hot in varying emotions. I find myself seeking shelter and comfort in the color of silver.The painting I resonate the most with this month is called Completion. Mainly black and white with silver accents, this painting hums with solitude, sanctuary, and clarity. It started with pure silver.

Like a mirror, silver encourages reflection on a surface level as well as on a deeper philosophical level for me. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, (or see all my recent publicity), I wonder who is that? Is that what other people see? Is that how all this that I know so well on the inside actually appears on the outside. It’s fascinating. I can see the lines of emotional travel well marked on my face, the light of mystery and all my unanswered questions in my eyes, and the wave of whatever is affecting me in my body posture. Like a snapshot of me on all levels, the color silver appears complex and constantly different depending on the light or what it is reflecting. Yet, when silver is isolated without reflection or interpretation, what does it actually look like? Similarly, I question what we as humans are without the reflection and interpretation of others. My mind wanders as I wonder what we too look like without the world around us. My intuition whispers an answer to me… the silver circle in Completion.

Rising above its landscape and into the pure white, its reflection is almost complete… the circle is almost closed and verging on transparent. It is a reminder that this world is merely a complex reflection. My life experiences and emotions are another facet of reflection. What I inherently am…is nothing but spark of light. I find cool serenity in this remembrance, as well as, a steady devotion to live this beautiful reflection with bright clarity.