June has been the initiation of my new life theory- A.R.T.- Aesthetic Revolutionary Theory. The idea came to me when I was asked to be the featured artist for TEDx Vail, Jan 2017. Both honored and terrified, I accepted and will be adorning the event with my art as well as speaking. As my speech is still very much in reEvolution (the theme of TEDx Vail 2017), I can only share what has inspired my “revolutionary message to humanity” and my show in Beaver Creek this weekend.

Aesthetics or the study of beauty dates back to the ancient Greeks and was considered an important part of culture/society. Beauty was honored, appreciated and considered divine, so art served a purpose… to emulate beauty. Surrounding society, art was a reminder of something beyond humanity, or the greatest potential of humanity. Art gave people a sense of harmony and inspiration. I often wonder when the exact moment art lost that purpose was? Art, now, is viewed as a personal expression. Often that personal expression is anything but beautiful, yet we accept it as art. I suppose all expression could be argued to be beautiful since it is very personal, yet I still question the vibration. The vibration of beauty is very specific. It resonates deeply, bringing a sense of harmony, peace, bliss, and awe. It is universal (not specifically personal). It has an innate attraction that can not be denied. It is hard not to look at something beautiful because it feels good to be in its presence. Somehow it permeates our nature, or our sense of being. The vibration can actually realign us on a cellular level. There are scientific studies to prove this and the most fascinating of them all dates back to Phi.

Phi is the Golden Mean, The Golden Section, the Divine Proportion. It can be found in nature, the human body, art, geometry, architecture, music, and just about anything that evolves in beauty… even our DNA. It is a mathematical equation that appears in things that are aesthetically pleasing. Everyone from Plato, DaVinci, Euclid, Pythagoras, Kepler, Dali, and many more.. even the makers of the ancient Pyramids, knew about it. It is one of the most fascinating things I have ever encountered. When I look, it is everywhere, and best of all… it can be felt. It has the vibration of beauty. Powerful… In my experience, this vibration can heal or realign even the most difficult situations. A beautiful sunset can bring solace to grief; a beautiful painting can bring peace to a chaotic environment; an amazing building can bring inspiration to reach beyond our limits; sensational music can seduce even the coolest hearts. The power of beauty is phenomenal.

My goal in life is to bring as much of this vibration into existence as I can. Painting with this vibration has healed my deepest wounds, has opened endless doors and possibilities, has brought vitality into areas of my life that I did not know existed. It has reminded me that I am that… beautiful. The vibration is contagious and grows in a rapidly evolving sequence that can be seen in a nautilus shell spiral, 1.618, or the Fibonacci sequence. Mathematically, it grows by doubling back on itself and evolving into a greater number… reEvolution! My personal expression, as art and life, is building on itself and expanding infinitely with this theory…


Creatively, Britten