Meet artist Britten this weekend at Vail gallery

Published On: October 10, 2017
Meet artist Britten this weekend at Vail gallery

VAIL — Galerie Zuger in Vail welcomes back artist Britten, who will be showing her works through the weekend.

“I am drawn to yellow lately. Its primary happiness dances in and out of my paintings,” Britten said. “Even in the most intense creations, yellow sparks a light smile. I see yellow as sunlight. I see yellow as spring daffodils, promising a new beauty with the coming season. I see yellow as a wakeup call that I answer with anticipation. A new awareness shines through yellow’s bright rays of light. Like the sun, yellow reminds me to shine with all that I am, unconditionally.”

Britten’s creativity mirrors an internal landscape of emotion inspired by the open space of Colorado. For Britten, painting is a medium of universal communication. Within each piece, an emotion is captured and translated directly from the source. Her unique style and technique gives her pieces a luminous quality that range from a peaceful ethereal feeling to a vibrant joy. Britten paints with the skill and aesthetic sensitivity acquired from her experience and fearless exploration of endless possibilities. Not always knowing what will end up on the canvas, Britten said she allows her materials and brush stroke to take a life of their own, trusting them like a life-long friend.

Britten will be in attendance at the gallery today and Saturday between 3 and 7 p.m.

Galerie Zuger is located on the second level at the Solaris Plaza in Vail Village. For more information, call 970-476-5619 or visit

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