There is a subtlety to earth tones… something refined yet raw and beautifully humble. A maternal essence resides in pigments of the earth, offering a dependable versatility. Sepia is the color that reaches its warm comforting arms to me, giving a timeless and unconditional hug from the palette this month. Sepia is a regular resident of my palette and this month I will acknowledge her subtle beauty and raw natural power.

A strength that is refined by experience defines her elegance. Versatility is her nature. She adds depth when mixed with other colors and in solitude she embodies earthly grace. A dark, yet complex and sheer color, she is mysterious. One moment she is cool and willing to be in the shadows, the next she is warm and dominant. Her timeless presence throughout history has established her dependability. She resides in cave drawings, Leonardo Da Vinci sketchbooks, photographs and contemporary art. True sepia actually comes from the ink sac of a cuttlefish. How someone figured out her diversity from there is beyond me, yet she has gracefully withstood the test of time. Like a mother with a life of experience behind her and an open willingness to share and humbly give to the future, she is nurturing. I admire her ageless grace and ability to stay present.

I suppose with the onset of winter, I am feeling the power of mother earth with her seasonal mood swings and her gravitational embrace. Her stability lies in respect and admiration of her wonders. I have reverence for her and her femininity. I find understanding of myself through admiration of her. Today I thank the pigment sepia for reminding me of the ever-evolving feminine and maternal presence I often take for granted, on my palette, in the universe, and within me.

PS:Happy birthday to my son, Sky!