The light of October is golden. A warmth radiates from my heart into everything I am present with. The month started with a shake or an internal storm. Actually the weather here has echoed my storm, bringing sun one day and snow the next, accompanied by strong winds of change. Now settled with an unshakable strength; a golden warmth is revealed.

A storm of whirling emotions and questions hailed earlier this month. Shelter within myself was hard to find as all was exposed. As I sifted through the wreckage, I noticed everything with integrity and a foundation of truth was safe from the storm, while anything that was created out of fear or ego, was washed away. Lightning struck as new energy was created. Tears rained and cleansed my emotions as the truth was spoken and realized. Wind howled as the dead leaves of thought blew away. New snow offered a blank canvas and gratitude shined in rays of sunlight through the clouds. Finally, a calm, golden warmth embraces me.

Gold is the color of richness. Gold is the color of power. Gold is the color of pure sunlight. Gold is the color of the changing leaves. Gold is the reflection I see in my paintings lately. Richness is a full life of abundance, all experiences, without limits. Power is strength within, self-knowledge and awareness. Sunlight is the presence of life energy, needed to grow and expand. Change is the only constant as momentum is passion. Passion is the action of my heart. This passion is extended from my heart through my arms and fingertips to the canvas. Gold is the presence of all this and more. I am present to a golden blessing.