For me, purple is the color of completion. At the end of the basic color spectrum, purple is also a bridge to a new beginning, as it contains red, or the first color of the basic spectrum. It reminds me of the saying, “when one door closes, another door opens”, or simply, the wheel of life. While at my show in Denver, someone pointed out how all of my recent paintings contain purple. Surprisingly, I do not have a tube of purple oil paint… However, in looking at my most recent palette, I can see I placed crimson red and indigo blue next to each other, and they have mingled. Like a dance between human passion (red) and celestial infinity (blue) a new relationship is created (purple).

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for me. Yet somehow I have ended up back where I started, full circle. I suppose I’m in the purple zone of the color wheel. The ride is over and I’m still moving…into a new beginning. My show season has ended. I won’t have another until November, so I’m slowing down and I am home for a while, preparing for my winter season of shows. My son is on his way to college, and my daughter and I are establishing a new relationship. I finally let go of an expired romance and my eyes opened to a new possibility. My good friend passed on last week and my cousin had a baby the next day. Life has revealed its cycle, and I have felt the full spectrum wash through me as the rollercoaster has whirled me around and spun me upside down. Yes, purple is a resting place… much appreciated.

It is interesting that purple is also a color associated with the third eye, or intuition, which is the 6th chakra. The third eye gives us a new understanding, offers a new perception and an inner vision of ourselves. The energy flowing through our spine has traveled the spectrum (through each colored chakra) to give us a new vision or awareness. It is fascinating for me to connect these dots. These beautifully colored dots, starting with red, basic human passion, ready to roll through the rainbow of full vibrancy; orange, yellow, green, blue coming to completion with full awareness of the experience as the circle links itself together…purple.

Perhaps the dance between human passion (red) and Celestial infinity (blue) is the cosmic game or the dance between earth and heaven, human and god, life and death, body and soul… and the awareness of this dance is the sight of purple. So with this new in-sight, the rainbow of experience shines a little brighter. The part that makes me giggle… when the full spectrum is in perfect balance, the colors actually cancel each other out… into nothing but pure light.